Spatulas For Hands (Oh My God) - Demos

by hit me, Harold!

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some demos.


released July 25, 2014

zaaaaaach stoooone.

artwork: DJ Peterson.
inspiration: Sean Davis
thank you everyone.



all rights reserved


hit me, Harold! La Mirada, California

hi. we're a band from southern california. located in san francisco til' we drop outta college

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Track Name: For The Both of You
An all-too-common notion of letting go too close, but I know that giving up some ground will prove for sound situations next time we all come around. Who says we have to be ready? I know I’m not, at least not for now. I’ve put in way too much of myself to break off so soon. The two of you are perfectly stable and I won’t be the one to break that down. Involuntary guilt trips - am I so selfish to put this all on you? Please tell if it sounds I’m complaining; I promise I’m working on my reaction. But I’m no good at pretending that I’m reading, I can’t stop listening to you, to everyone else. All this is worry - potential. I never take anything into account. Indebted for putting off my doubts. If I have to go, I won’t go last. I want to know I saw everything I could of you: saw you win and lose and progress and be stronger than I have ever been. I want to see you become whatever you said you would as a kid. And until then I will pretend that I’m reading.
Track Name: Shaving On Your Morning Commute
just your luck. i can’t think of a better person to have this happen to. you were so sad already; 9 out of 10 chances you’ve blown. and you didn’t stop screaming the whole way home. you cut the drive time by two thirds and scared the life out of a freight truck driver. nothing is going right. a panic attack spreading to every nerve in your bones. it’s affecting your steering and i don’t know if we’ll get home in one piece. I admit I’ve never been so happy to see you so distraught. I’m sorry you didn’t see what I saw. it’s a vicious cycle. in hindsight we never really should have gone at all. who the fuck would even think of shithole smoke-stained pool hall? why? whatever, everyone but you had ball. and failed letter interception is not my concern, keeping your face in check is something you have to learn. We know you mean well. But not everyone can tell. We’re sure you’ll do great things, just don’t dwell on your bad luck. Somebody lied and said the world needs people like us. I guess we do make it easier for them to cheer up.
Track Name: Make My Day
its common courtesy to explain what my mind is thinking compared to what my mouth is saying. our idle chats will make nights like these harder to endure. your pointless outbursts followed by reasons why i’m not around anymore. appointing measures a bad conclusion a way to say that you want more. i’m always falling short. scream it out say it again a misinterperation of what it all meant. youre running out of excuses. but you wont know cover my tracks don’t let it show its too late now you’ve given up. im just too much i get you wont make the same mistake.
so why the fuck would i stay for nothing im just moving on. we’re both so lost theres no point trying to bring back what’s already gone.
im saying this out of honesty. we’re both not who we used to be
And im so sorry this isnt who you came for. our loves just not the same. its hard to say but i know it i fucked up in every way. i tried my best so its not fair to put the blame on me. just one more year and you’ll barely feel a thing
Track Name: For The One of Me
I’m awful to hope you might collapse. I need someone to lean on, and I will lift you back. A crippling codependent - will you dedicate your time to putting up to some sad fuck? - this sorry life of mine. I can only hope you need the same attention as I; the same sense of anything you have struggled with your entire life. Because without that, then what am I? What could I possibly provide for you? For myself? Forget about myself - for just one second, please - I’ll stop talking now. I will sink you on purpose because of something I think I need; a broken person who otherwise would not stay close to me. I’m fucking killing you. I’m always wallowing. Please get up, you’re sickening just to see. Back and forth: you're always choosing for me. What to do, what to say - in basic circumstances. You’re awful if you let me collapse.
Track Name: Intervals
It's taken me this long to find out and know now that you never really cared no matter what you do or say it'll always be harder for me to bear I'll try my best to forget and find the reasons for why I should be here but everything you do just makes me want to leave. I'm getting over the chance to see how these thoughts that clouded out my intentions to be productive is Bringing everybody down. Don't make this harder on me because I tend to overthink and overreact when you're not around It's common I'm sorry
Don’t count on me to make it better (just realize that)
Ill just be waiting outside (so let me in)
I didnt mean to act like that ( cause you know how)
I need this more than anything that you could want
You’ve made your decisions based on what makes you happy so you don't need me
Thoughts too deep to portray in words just know that I'm trying
Take me and I'll be fine just for a moment while I try to figure out my life i'm trying to be honest with myself (so don't walk away I'm just trying to say that I'm sorry I'm so bad with words i’m just starting also the same so you don't have to worry our worst has seen better days. late nights and I'll call you with the intentions of leaving but keeping you around but i’ll turn back with regret because i need you.